Ethan Weston is a photographer currently based in...
Ethan Weston is a photographer currently based in Buffalo, Wyoming. His work focuses on community, the environment, and how those two things interact and affect each other.
Growing up Ethan would always use his mother’s camera to take photos of landscapes or wild animals, and he thought for a long time he wanted to be a nature photographer. Working at his local paper, and on a project about Picher, Oklahoma helped him combine his passion for environmental storytelling with his newfound love of community journalism.

Climate change and other man-made environmental disasters are an increasing threat to communities across the globe, and through his photography, Ethan hopes to help those communities by telling their stories. His work focuses both on the consequences of the man-made disaster but also on the solutions to those disasters.

Photo by Daniel Shular.

Ethan Weston Visual Journalist

Ethan Weston is a freelance documentary photojournalist based in the mid-western United States focusing on environmental and conservation stories.
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